For a truly bespoke look, we offer an extensive range of Chair Cover Accessories.  The most popular choice is our selection of Sashes, available in Organza including fabulous Crystal Organza's, each one shimmers & sparkles in the light. Our chic and stylish Satin's & Taffeta's willl give a splash of colour to your function for a bold & dramatic look and for that spectacular & unique touch we have beautiful Lace & Pattern Sashes.  Shown here is our classic Dark Purple Satin Sash tied in a Bow to the back of the chair.


Twin Sashes

Perfect for combining either two Sashes in the same shade for a plump Bow or two different colour Sashes on each chair for a unique look; both colours delicately combine with the most dominent colour being prominent. Our favourites include Black & White for a striking monochrome effect, Champagne & Red exquisite for Christmas and Lace & Dusky Pink for a stunning vintage look.  Shown here is our classic Twin Sash in Hot Pink & Ivory Organza tied in a Bow to the back of the chair.


Simply Covers

We understand that not everyone wants Bows or other Accessories on their Chair Covers, but would still like to cover up chairs that do fit in with your colour scheme. A plain cover is amazingly effective at softening a room for a classic elegant look. Perfect if your venue has lavish decor with lots of colour & rich in architecture or your flowers will be the main focus at your event.  Shown here is our tailored Linen Chair Cover in classic Plain White, incorporating a stylish back pleat in the skirt.


Tassel Ties

A simple yet effective way to add a touch of glamour to your Chair Covers in your chosen colour scheme.  Perfect understated elegance giving a chic tailored look, they work especially well on our stylish Stretch Covers.  Available in a choice of colours in addition to Black & White.  To co-ordinate we also offer matching Napkin Tassels.  Shown here is our classic Silver Tassel Tie tied to the back of the chair, pictured on our tailored Linen Chair Cover in classic Ivory.


Chair Hoods

Our collection of Chair Hoods offer the perfect opportunity to be more artistic when dressing your chairs.  Supplied in generous proportions to cover the entire top of the chair and gently flow down the back for maximum visual impact, or to the side for a stunning alternative.  Available in gorgeous Chiffon's, delicate Lace's and our beautiful Flock's & Bespoke fabric's.  Shown here is our classic Cream Lace Chair Hood accessorised with our Blenheim Diamante Cluster Brooch tied to the back of the chair.


Simply Sashes

An ideal way to decorate your venues chairs with your personal colour scheme when you would prefer not to have the full chair covered.  This works especially well if your venue has wooden framed Cheltenham or Chivari style chairs and gives a soft delicate feel perfect for vintage style events when decorated with beautiful Organza's, Lace's & Hessian's, or for a bold look Satin's & Taffeta's offer that dramatic feel.  Shown here is our classic Lemon Organza Sash tied in a Bow to the back of the chair.


Sashes (Tied To The Side)

For a modern twist on a Sash or Twin Sashes, an ideal way to decorate your chairs is to have them tied to the side of the chairs rather than the back.  This works especially well on a long top table against a wall so your Bows can been seen, a great idea if you have even numbers is for the Brides side to be tied one way and the Grooms the opposite.  Shown here is our classic Spring Green Organza Sash tied in a Bow to the side of the chair, with 1/2 the table bowed to the left & the other 1/2 to the right.


Sashes (Reverse Style)

An ideal choice if you like the idea of having your Sashes tied in a style different to a regular Bow whilst still incorporating your chosen colour.  The Sash is gently twisted at the front of the chair and bought round the back and then tied in a simple Knot and flipped over.  Keeping with "something different" you could alternate chairs or tables in different colours.  Shown here is our classic Cobalt Blue Satin Sash tied to the back of the chair.


Stretch Lycra Bands

Another simple design to add a splash of colour to your chairs.  Like our Tassel Ties they offer an understated elegance.  Teamed with our stylish Stretch Covers the overall look is sleek and modern.  Available in a choice of colours in addition to Black & White.  Perfect when accessorised with Diamante Buckles.  Shown here is our classic Gold Sequin Stretch Lycra Band accessorised with our Diamante Clip to the back of the chair.


Sashes (Simply Knotted)

Simple & elegant with no Bows, the Sash is tied in a simple Knot and flipped over either to the back or side of the chair whichever you prefer.  Choose from any of our extensive selection of Sashes to complement your colour scheme.  Equally stunning either left plain or accessorised with Embellishments.  Shown here is our classic Hessian & Lace Sash, perfect for a rustic look tied to the back of the chair.



An adorable addition to your chairs is either fresh or silk Flowers gently placed in the Sash or Hood.  If you would prefer your florist to supply the Flowers to match your table centrepieces or bouquets we will happily dress them on your chairs.  Alternatively we hire stunning Flower Clips, perfect for a vintage style wedding.   Shown here is our classic Cream Lace Chair Hood accessorised with the Brides own Flowers tied to the back of the chair. 



Another beautiful & delicate Embellishment for your chairs is our pretty selection of Butterflies, Hearts & other special Bespoke items you would like to match your theme.  If you would like to supply your own decor we will happily dress them on your chairs.  Shown here is our classic Red Satin Sash tied in a Bow accessorised with the Brides own Christmas Pick to the back of the chair. 



We have a beautiful selection of Diamante & Pearl design Buckles that are fabulous for decorating your Chair Sashes in whatever style you choose.  If you like sparkle & glamour then these are perfect.  Available in a choice of Heart Shaped, Round, Square & Star Shaped in a choice of designs.  To co-ordinate we also offer smaller Buckles perfect for decorating Napkins, Favour Boxes or Wedding Stationery.  Shown here is our classic Navy Blue Organza Sash tied in a simple Knot accessorised with our Round Diamante Buckle to the back of the chair.



Simply beautiful to accessorise your chairs.  For a genuine vintage look our Pearl design Brooches on Lace set the look to perfection.  Or if glamour is more your thing then our stunning Diamante design Brooches are sure to Wow your guests.  Our collection is constantly growing as we source more gorgeous designs to bring you.  Shown here is our classic Ivory Chiffon Vertical Drape accessorised with our Marquise Silver Filigree & Crystal Rhinestone Brooch with a central faceted Gem tied to the back of the chair.


Accessories (Bespoke Style)

If you have seen a Sash or Hood design you would like for your chairs, then if we can we will dress your chairs to include it for you.  If you have any special decorations you would like included we can try to source them for you or if you would like to supply your own we will happily dress them on your chairs.  Shown here a Mad Hatters Tea Party with Chair Sashes & Hoods using a selection of 21 colours tied in a variety of different styles.